Micki Kaufman

245 Eighth Avenue, #188 • New York, NY 10011



Assistant composer & Music engineer, ‘Elliot King is Third’ (movie).

2013 Tribeca Film Festival: Future States


Assistant composer, ‘Concussion’ (movie).

2013 Sundance Film Festival: Nominated for U.S. Grand Jury Prize (Dramatic)
2013 Berlin Film Festival: Winner, Special Jury Prize

Featured ASCAP Composer at Sundance 2013.

2005 – 2009

Collegium Musicum of Columbia University

Sang with the Collegium, an early-music choir affiliated with Columbia University.

2000 – 2011

Superbuddha collaborations


Creations and Live Cuts

Micki’s iCompositions site (please rate the ones you like!)

Garageband, digital and live recordings, encompassing guitar, ensemble, sitar and vocal cuts. Lots and lots more to come – check back frequently!

Barbershop quartet

Yes, I really do sing with a barbershop quartet. Don’t hate, it’s amazingly sweet-sounding music!

1998 – 1999

Trading Favors

“Always Something Beautiful”

“Breaking Glass”

“No One”

My latest studio record, these songs were recorded live, then mixed and mastered on Pro Tools hardware using a selection of outboard gear and dsp processing. I personally love the sitar parts, which I overdubbed in a few sessions of greater inspiration.

1995 – 1998

Engineering and Session Work Demos

Engineering, Composing, Session Instrumentals 1997 Demo Reel 3:07s

Edited and engineered recordings for commercial, educational and entertainment projects. Responsibilities include operation of 48-track digital recording studio, scheduling and overseeing of sessions and performing on various projects.


Crown of Brahma

Guitar and synthesizer, Digital Multitrack Editing, “Angel On My Shoulder”, Rawkus Records

“Angel on My Shoulder”

Working with the other artists, performed guitar and synthesizer tracks on this popular single, later to be featured in the RKO Pictures motion picture, “The Substitute II”. Also performed lead engineer duties during the recording and mixdown.


Blues Traveler

Digital Multitrack Editing, “Live From the Fall” (Platinum Award-Winning Double Album), A&M Records (Listen on Rhapsody.com)

Participated in production of this critically acclaimed, Platinum Award-winning double album by this irreplaceable and irrepressible rock and roll band.

Responsibilities included digitally transferring and assembling 32-track recordings, editing, offsetting and correcting the tracks for final mixdown. Album was assembled using Digidesign Pro Tools and Macintosh hardware and software.